Coal Creek Canyon, Golden, Colorado 80403, United States

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While I do specialize in tuning Subaru vehicles supported by Cobb AccessPorts.  I do offer tuning on other platforms as well; Experienced in Cobb ATR/ATP, RomRaider, ECU Flash, TwEECer, Binary Editor, AEM EMS, AEM Infinity, and a few others.


I offer E-tuning for a variety of platforms, however, due to all the different combinations of builds, please contact me for options and pricing.  Some vehicles/builds can take significantly more time and effort than others, so there is no one-size-fits-all here.


When you really want to get the best tune, it is a good idea to utilize a dyno, especially with fuels such as E85.  I work with several shops across the country when a dyno is needed.  I do travel to run dyno days with customers with cars that I have previously E-tuned, as well as spent all day at a dyno working on one, one-off car.  


I get a pretty steady request from new customers asking me to look at logs from other tuners.  I have no issue in doing this, however, this will incur a charge.  I will look at up to 3 logs for $50.  I do not want to know who tuned the car prior, however, I will base my advice from what I see and how I think the car should perform.